Cremation Selections

At Carrillo Funeral Homes, we have many ways to honor those choosing cremation. All personalization and services options available for traditional funerals are available with cremation iTunes music.

With traditional burial, you need to select a cremation casket and burial urn. We have an on-site cremation urn center for you to select from. We showcase top quality urns at reasonable costs 유튜브 저작권 영상 다운로드.

For permanent possession, we have decorative urns to elegantly display in your home and designer keepsake jewelry to encase the remains in a precious pendant 영화 재심 다운로드.

If you would like to scatter the remains, you do not need to purchase an urn, but you will need a temporary container to protect the remains until the final wishes ceremony 삼국지 디펜스 다운로드. We can also inform you of the local laws regarding scattering and help you plan a personalized ceremony.

Let the staff at Carrillo Funeral Homes help arrange your final wishes with our many cremation selections 인터넷 동영상 다운로드.

Serving your family is our greatest honor...

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